Products & Services.


Manufacture Elevator Hoistway & Cab Doors 
Manufacture Elevator Hoistway Frames

Entrance Frames & Doors are how we started in the business.  We are fully staffed to build & Install your standard entrances to more custom entrances.  We have built entrances with special finishes, etched doors, tall transoms, ¼” Jamb Plates, custom DPI, etc. Installation is our expertise as well. We are the fastest entrance installer in the industry, ask about us.  We pride ourselves in putting the clients needs first and minimizing downtime of the elevator.


Manufacture Elevator Cabs 
Remodeling of Elevator Cabs


We provide our clients with new elevator cabs as well as the remodeling of the interiors.  Whether you are providing a design or you are utilizing our design services, we bring to life the vision.  Our qualified staff, from our onsite engineers to our skilled craftsmen, are ready to provide a quality product. 

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Metal Powder Coating


The new era of color process is Powder Coating.  We provide standard colors always stock and ready to use.  Clients have access to an array of colors as well at the tip of their fingers.  We have two paint booth ovens, giving us the ability to produce larger quantities in less time. 


Custom Architectural Metal Parts


With our state of the art equipment, we can provide custom metal products as well. Anything from metal framing, to architectural metal grilles.  If its metal, we can make it.  

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Custom Metal Finishes


We also provide custom finishes on metal.  We have an inhouse staff that is dedicated to working with custom metal finishes throughout the day. A few popular finishes are: Oil Rubbed Bronze, Oxidized Bronze, Blackened steel, Non-directional Stainless Steel, etc. 


Metal Engraving


One of our newest machinery is the Laguna Engraving Machine.  Swing fronts for your elevator cabs are engraved onsite and in minutes.  We can also engrave elevator cab panels, doors, etc. 

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Design Services

We provide elevator cab design services. Our staff can guide you and assist to bring your vision to life. We provide samples & renderings to fully assist you in envisioning the finished product.