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Our Company.

A & D Entrances is a family owned company that specializes in the manufacturing of elevator cabs, frames & doors. Our 40,000 square foot manufacturing facility is conveniently located in Wyandanch, NY servicing the New York City Metropolitan area. We have been in business since 2007 and growing rapidly, employing over 100 employees. We currently run approximately 200+ projects on a daily basis and our projects range from your small residential buildings to large commercial high rise. We have three UL 90 Min Fire Rated Label Certifications; one being the only company to acquire a 10 foot label.  


What sets us apart from all other companies is our inhouse engineering staff, with direct access to creativity, our hands on Project Managers and our in depth experience with all facets of fabrication & Installation.  We are self sufficient with no exposure to outsourcing any process in our manufacturing. Our facility is fully equipped to handle any project of any size.

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Our History.

Kimberly & David Viteri’s story of A & D’s formation is truly a Cinderella story.  David was an elevator mechanic for NY Elevator for 14 years. With extensive knowledge of the elevator industry, he noticed a disconnect in the entrance installation field. He took a leap of faith in his ideas and resigned from the Union, forming A & D Entrances.  Kimberly worked for an elevator cab company as the production control manager for 5 years when she met David. She believed in his vision of A & D and resigned to help build the company. A & D Entrances later on became A & D Cabs & Entrances. Together they have set the bar for other companies alike and have grown to who they are today.

Our Vision.

A & D has made their mark in the industry in just 12 years in business and the vision continues to grow.  David’s belief in “we did not come this far, to just come this far” continues to push the limits of the company. 


What’s next for A & D? 

  • Lobby Renovations that tie into the cab design itself.  

  • A one stop shop for your building architectural renovations.

  • Branching out of the NY Tri-state region.

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Our Team.

Our highly qualified staff is professional and ready to assist you on your next project.

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