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188 Ludlow St. New York

About the building:
To paraphrase Paul McCartney, if you’re looking for a home in the heart of the city, The Ludlow provides the perfect locale. This sleek high-rise has a wide array of bars, restaurants, and clubs within walking distance, so there’s never a shortage of awesome choices at hand. The Ludlow consists of 30+ unique and interesting bars within walking distance. Countless restaurants, serving everything from upscale cuisine to healthy food to pub grub. Also includes eight green areas (parks) in the neighborhood plus entrance to the Greenway bike path and an art gallery scene that is constantly expanding and evolving.

The Cab:
¼” clear safety laminated glass with custom vinyl print adhered to the back of glass.  Glass incorporates a 3” air gap between glass and maroon laminate panel as well and perimeter LED strip lights, illuminated the sleek vinyl. Rose gold handrail mounted onto glass and rose gold metal trim around glass.  Gloss grey laminate side wall panels with stainless steel binders. Stainless Steel drop ceiling with LED downlights. Stainless steel studded tile flooring. 

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